Chakra Stones and Healing

Chakra Stones and Healing

Everything has a vibratory frequency in the universe. The properties that occur naturally in stones and crystals assist in activating and balancing the energy of the chakras. Stones, as well as crystals, have a natural healing frequency, each resonating with the vibrational rhythm of each chakra. This, along with intention, activates the flow and harmony of the inherent and vital energies within yourself. 

When using stones (and crystals) use your intention and visualize the energy between the stone and the intended chakra. Amplify and channel the flow of that energy until they become one in your mind’s eye. The harmony and healing for the chakra is now activated.

Here is a list of stones, along with the color of each chakra, that can be used in harmony with each chakra to help balance and promote healing:

Base/Root Chakra
Chakra Color: Red
Stones: Red Jasper, Garnet, and Onyx

Sacral Chakra   
Chakra Color: Orange
Stones: Orange Carnelian, Coral, and Yellow Citrine

Solar Plexus Chakra       
Chakra Color: Yellow

Stones: Calcite, Yellow Tourmaline, and Tiger’s Eye

Heart Chakra                   
Chakra Color: Green and/or Pink
Stones: Rose Quartz, Green Tourmaline, Jade, Aventurine

Throat Chakra
Chakra Color: Blue
Stones: Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, and Blue Sapphire

Third Eye Chakra           
Chakra Color: Indigo
Stones: Purple Fluorite, Amethyst, and Sodalite

Crown Chakra   
Chakra Color: Purple and/or White
Stones: Clear Quartz, Diamond, Amethyst, and Selenite