Chakra Affirmations - Words with the Power to Get You What You Want

Chakra Affirmations

Affirmations open the door. It takes something from an abstract idea-cloud to a real life experience. In the world of chakras this is extremely powerful as these energetic wheel houses govern every part of our emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. From how we feel to our interactions with others and how we experience life.

Unlocking the energy flow of our chakras gives us the power to live up to our highest potential and experience more joy, love, and abundance in our lives. Its important to visualize the area of the body where a particular chakra resides and envision that center receiving white light energy as you recite the affirmation, either to yourself or aloud.

Below are affirmations you can use to bring healing, vitality, and energy flow to your chakras. You will notice that the word NOW is used before each affirmation. The purpose of this is to initiate and claim it in this moment.

Affirmation for the Base/Root Chakra
“I am now safe, secure, and grounded in my body.”

Affirmation for the Sacral Chakra
“I am now creative, expressive in all healthy ways, and nurture myself and my feelings.”

Affirmation for the Solar Plexus Chakra

“I am now strong and powerful in my own right. I value myself and have the courage to be myself.”

Affirmation for the Heart Chakra
“I now surrender my fears and allow myself to feel the love flowing from me and to me. I accept myself.”

Affirmation for the Throat Chakra
“I now speak my truth clearly and live in that truth confidently.” 

Affirmation for the Third Eye Chakra
“I now move through my life with grace, clarity, and a deeper truth. All I need is within me.”

Affirmation for the Crown Chakra
“I am now one with the Divine; as above, so below. I am peace. I am joy. I am love.”

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